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“RuckusRoots is by far the best use of my donation $$ that I’ve found. Its combined focus on art and environmental education is unique and the quality of its programs unsurpassed. It is 100% properly aligned in this day and age, and in this current political environment where art education and the environment are both under unprecedented attack. Young people, our country and the world need our young to understand environmental issues, develop creatively and get involved and believe they can do something . If we want to foster creativity and creative solutions to our environmental problems, there is nothing better than RR out there. Period. Hats off to Christine and crew!” – Donor

When I think of how RuckusRoots operates, I think of three things:

1. Vision – RuckusRoots is focused on enriching the connection that students have with their world and their community, but most importantly, that connection is achieved by enriching the students connection with their own voice.

2. Implementation – In their projects, RuckusRoots always takes the time to explore and flesh out the goals of their projects. A spirit of fun and curiosity is key to their programs and that energy has to be invested at the beginning and carried all the way through the project.

3. Execution – None of the other stuff matters if the project isn’t completed, and RuckusRoots has a history of building teams that produce results.

It is a joy to work with them, from a perspective of the actual process and for the results they create.” – Artist Mentor