Wild Art Opening Day at Los Angeles Zoo

A 2-minute video which shows our students presenting their piece on opening day at the Los Angeles Zoo, as well as artist mentor Nino Alicea sharing his thoughts on the power of collaborative arts to improve communities & change lives. 

Wild Art Crowdfunding Video

This 3-minute video takes you inside the world of Wild Art and explains how our crowdfunding donations will be used.

Still Life Drawings from Highland Park Youth

As part of our newest Urban Wildlife program, students first learn color theory, composition and still life drawing skills before moving on to the bigger, collaborative project. This video shows their mid-program progress.

TRASHformation at D3 Labs, Nightingale Middle School, Cypress Park

TRASHformation at Legacy LA, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

RuckusRoots featured in Marina DeBris video.

This video features Marina DeBris’ collection of wearable art made from trash washed up on the beach. Produced as a part of the “Hands Across the Sands” global day of action against offshore drilling, you can spot RuckusRoots founder Christine wearing “Bag Lady,” which is featured throughout.

Video by Rob Kalmbach at Art Forallpeople


RuckusRoots presents TRASHformation.

Video courtesy of Jon Patty


Bike Bash on Fox News

TRASHformation on Foxs News

More TRASHformation on Fox News

And for a trip back in time, check out RuckusRoots very first promotional video!

Stay tuned for the newest video!