Community Listening Project

Empowering youth to listen actively, organize effectively, and create meaningful work to engage their communities. 

Launching in 2018 with support from LUSH Cosmetics

Here’s how it works:

  • Students use technology to interview community members (family, neighbors, etc.) about sustainability issues that impact their daily lives; i.e. traffic, pollution, littering, etc.
  • Students compile video diaries of their research and learn fundamental data collection and analysis
  • Students learn community organizing and engagement: building relationships with people in your community and listening to understand what issues affect their lives and matter to them. 
  • Students use compiled stories and data to create 1) visual graphics  and 2) individual art pieces (guerrilla style art posters) illustrating the major issues and concerns in their community.
  • The project will culminate in the students using these materials to create a presentation for local government leaders (i.e. neighborhood council or city council) on the top 2-3 sustainability issues affecting their community right now.
  • Students will also present data and artwork at a local community event to further build interest and engagement in the community around these sustainability issues.