Interactive Installations


At festivals, campuses and private events, RuckusRoots’ interactive installations reach the young adult demographic in an irresistible and meaningful way. Creating a positive experience and an emotional connection to eco-activism, these collaborative programs allow participants to discover the power of their creative potential, and ask them to think critically about important social and environmental issues.

The ReCycle Booth at Interbike

RuckusRoots was asked to create a booth made completely from recycled materials for the launch of The ReCycle at Interbike Expo in Las Vegas. The ReCylce is the world’s first bike with frame and fork made from 100% recycled aluminum content. Materials used include reclaimed plywood, hundreds of recycled aluminum cans, recycled paint, found furniture, scrap metal, recycled refrigerator doors, washing machine tubs and more. Read about the build process on the RuckusRoots blog.

AASHE Conference 2012

We brought a mini TRASHformation to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s 2012 Conference: a tree sculpture with leaves made from recycled aluminum cans. Participants helped helping us by personalizing the leaves with their names or a drawing, and our tree grew into a true AASHE-based TRASHformation over the course of three days!  Learn more.

SF Green Festival After Party with the Recycle Tree

Our friends at the Sustainable Living Roadshow invited us to bring our ReCycle Tree up to SF for the Green Fest after party on November 11, 2012. SLR threw the event in their new venue, located in the Mission district. We met all kinds of new friends, and had a blast showing people how to create new leaves for our tree using recycled aluminum cans. Read all about our experience here.

The Freedom of Speech Wall

Evoking our common kitchens, the “Freedom of Speech Wall” is a giant magnetic poetry wall made out of recycled refrigerator doors. Participants can easily arrange words to express their thoughts, or collaborate by building on an existing poem. The message on the wall constantly changes throughout each event, shifting to reflect the various feelings and beliefs of the participants. The Freedom of Speech Wall has appeared at Joshua Tree Music Festival 2010, Lucent L’amour 2010, LA Opus 2010 and at private RuckusRoots fundraisers.

The Caravan Project

At Joshua Tree Music Festival (May 2011), RuckusRoots collaborated with Art Customs and local artists to create The Caravan Project, a live painting installation that explored and questioned the themes of travel, journey, and our pioneering, nomadic American roots. The installation was made out of recycled materials, provided stunning visual impact, thoughtful social commentary and much needed SHADE at this 3-day art and music event.