The Nighthawk Gets its Wings!

One man’s trash is another man’s Nighthawk

Things are moving right along at Nightingale MS in the D3 Lab these last few weeks.  And we’re happy to report the Nighthawk structure is coming to life as the kids continue to add more and more of the repurposed ‘trash’ each time we meet.

Photo Feb 14, 9 26 04 PM
One student carefully paints bicycle rims for the Nighthawk’s wings

These days, the TRASHformers waste no time getting right to business, each taking on a different role to help construct the Nighthawk. There is plenty to do in the lab, between cutting out cardboard tubes for the wings, folding chip bags for the tail feathers, or painting bicycle rims to add to our wings. The students love all the hands-on activity, and find it rewarding to watch the Nighthawk take form.  It’s been great too, to see all the familiar faces of the kids involved from the beginning and now new students joining in the action to help us build.

Photo Feb 14, 9 30 15 PM
These Nightingale students don’t mess around when it comes to arts and crafts
Photo Feb 14, 9 34 55 PM
Our origami specialist folds chip bags for the Nighthawk’s tail feathers

It won’t be long before the structure is complete and we are ready to move the Nighthawk to his new home, overlooking the school’s blacktop and proudly displayed for everyone to see.

Photo Feb 14, 9 37 21 PM
The Nighthawk is almost ready to take flight!


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