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Our Pledge: Intersectional Sustainability

Over the last few weeks,  we have dedicated much of this pivotal time to learning about the anti-racism movement, and how we can support these efforts from within our small organization. We have pledged to continue standing in solidarity with the activists & protestors of Black Lives Matter and are committed to continual education and unlearning of unconscious racism.

This is an important time to remember that environmentalism and activism do not exist in a vacuum, and neither does art. Our work has always been found at the intersection of creativity, sustainability and social justice. We work hard to design programs that provide vulnerable populations free, artistic opportunities focused on improving their communities and amplifying their creative voices.

In that same spirit of intersectional, creative sustainability…we’re excited to share our summer program with you! 

INTERSECTIONS is a new online program from RuckusRoots that aims to amplify the voices of local artists, activists and scientists – with a focus on BIPOC communities.

We’re inviting all folks involved in the intersectional environmentalism movement to open their studios/workspaces to our community this summer (virtually, of course!) You’ll get to know each featured guest and learn about their work via Instagram Live all summer long. Pretty cool, right? We’re so excited to share the work of so many incredible voices!

If you or someone you know is an activist, visual artist, urban gardener, community organizer, writer,  or other professional working towards equality and sustainability – contact us for more information: 

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Call to Artists!

ruckusroots, arts non profit, los angelels



RuckusRoots is looking for another artist mentor to join our team. Are you skilled in building, painting, crafting, fabricating and/or sculpting? What about digital skills: CAD, electronic music production and/or graphic design? Other skills not mentioned? That’s cool! Tell us what you can do.

Must haves: positive attitude, ability to commit to part time projects of various lengths (2-6 weeks, depending), ability to think on feet and respond to changing circumstances, interest in reused materials and sustainability and above all, enjoy working with kids (middle school).

Email us with resume and cover letter if interested. This is a paid job.