Incubating Ideas: TRASHformation at Nightingale Middle School

Our TRASHformation program is about 3 weeks old at Nightingale Middle School’s D3 Lab in Cypress Park, CA.

 Each week we have been meeting with the students around lunch time, and have been devising a plan for what we are going to build.

The students have come up with some initial ideas, but first, we need to decide what types of trash we’re going to use and how we’re going to collect it. The premise behind the D3 Lab is that it is a place for students to formulate, design and realize their own ideas, and so everything we are deciding to do is based on the kids’ own motivation and conceptualization.

This week we decided to put some trash collection bins around campus, and that bottles, chip bags and wrappers were some items that would be useful for us to collect. We will later use these items to build an art piece straight from the students’s imaginations!

Next week, Jessie and I are going to bring in some examples of TRASHformation’s that we’ve done in the past for inspiration. We’re also going to do an audit of the trash we’ve collected so far, plan how much more we need, and start formulating our idea of what we want to build. It’s been a fun process so far and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.


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