Chimes for Change

Chimes for Change is an art, music & Technology program That empowers Los Angeles youth to Chime in about how they want their community to change. 

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listen to songs and view the chimes! 

In Chimes for Change, LA teens use recycled and found materials to create wind chimes. Participants learn how to use digital software to record their chimes, and turn those sounds into electronic music compositions. Finally, both visual and audio art works are publicly displayed to to engage participants in sustainability issues impacting the community. 

The curriculum blends 4 components: sustainability education, visual arts education, music education and community activism and leadership. A combination of experiential learning and leadership from professional mentors results in a versatile lesson plan that reveals the connection between sustainability, creativity and community. It also gives students the tools they need to translate education into action.  Our “Change-Making” workshops include field trips to neighborhood council meetings that give students a chance to participate in the change-making process.


Chimes for Change opening at art share l.A., June, 2017

Chimes for Change program at larchmont Charter School, 2017