Connecting communities with artists to protect LA rivers, beaches & wildlife!

Thank you for Joining us in Frogtown this summer!

 How does the river bring us together as a city? How does fast fashion impact our community, and the river? This summer our Kites for a Cause program explored these issues and we’d like to thank YOU for making a difference while learning how to make fabric art! You worked with local artists to create fabric-based art (kites, wind sculpture, flags, etc) out of donated fabric, recycled and found objects. After flash clean-ups of the LA-river, we explored various fabric-based art-making methods with some of LA’s local artists, exploring techniques like assemblage, collage, patchwork, embroidery and scrap maps!

We finished off the program with a celebration and culminating event, our Community pARTy, complete with interactive mural activity, dance party and meet-n-greet with local artists Sarah Farmer – Cypress Park-based sculptor, embroiderer and muralist and  Robin Banks – Highland Park-based found object, assemblage & installation artist. Check out photos below!