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Thank you for Joining us in Frogtown this summer!

 How does the river bring us together as a city? How does fast fashion impact our community, and the river? This summer our Kites for a Cause program explored these issues and we’d like to thank YOU for making a difference while learning how to make fabric art! You worked with local artists to create fabric-based art (kites, wind sculpture, flags, etc) out of donated fabric, recycled and found objects. After flash clean-ups of the LA-river, we explored various fabric-based art-making methods with some of LA’s local artists, exploring techniques like assemblage, collage, patchwork, embroidery and scrap maps! RSVP for our event to celebrate all we created together and to meet and chat with our local artists Sarah Farmer – Cypress Park-based sculptor, embroiderer and muralist and  Robin Banks – Highland Park-based found object, assemblage & installation artist. Here’s what we achieved this summer: