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Watch Ep. 1 of The Roots of Reuse, where we show you how to recycle plastic bags into “plarn” (plastic bag yarn) and create your own decorative pom-poms!

In Ep. 2 of The Roots of Reuse, we show you how to make coil-wrapped bowls, vessels and other sculptural items from plarn (AKA “plastic bag yarn”)!

Follow along as we play with texture, form and material in this intuitive art project led by Teaching Artist, Julio Muñoz @_juuuj ✂️🎨♻️on IGTV!

Make a one-of-a-kind postcards to send to loved ones with this painting tutorial from our IGTV Channel!

Make fun, festive paper flowers with our easy follow-along on Instagram TV!

Turn any old t-shirt into a stylish tie-dye number in this easy tutorial on Instagram TV!

Follow along to make a no-sew face mask on Instagram TV

Make a Rainbow Trail using recycled materials! Watch on Instagram TV!

Make plantable, artisan paper out of recycled paper! This video was part of our Earth Day presentation for UWO. Skip ahead to 13:00 to get into the lesson.

Learn to make Plarn (plastic yarn) with Jamia Weir!

Learn to create a nature mandala for calm and focus with Robin Banks!

Learn to make a paintable canvas from plastic bags! 

Learn to make Plarn – plastic bag yarn! 

Learn to weave with recycled plastic bags!