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Our flagship program since 2010, TRASHformation is an interactive art experience that turns community-generated waste  into a collaboratively built art piece.
photo by Monching Flores

TRASHformation aims to raise awareness about consumption and waste production while highlighting participant-driven community issues and encouraging participants to explore their own artistic creativity. Our goal is to expose participants to a different way of thinking about garbage, making it clear that trash can be transformed into treasure. The program also cultivates an environment of exploration and expression around themes affecting the local community, and provides a platform for discussing and tackling them on a grassroots level. TRASHformation teaches participants art, design, construction and sustainable building skills, and creates an opportunity for collaboration on a common goal. 

See more videos of TRASHformation in action here! 


TRASHformation (Presentation / Installation) at D3 Lab, Nightingale Middle School

TRASHformation (The Build) at D3 Lab, Nightingale Middle School

TRASHformation at Academia Avance Middle School, Highland Park, Los Angeles

TRASHformation at Legacy LA

TRASHformation at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh






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