Wild Art

Wild Art connects Los Angeles youth to nature in their own community

The first Wild Art sculpture installed at the LA Zoo in 2016 with middle school students from Highland Park, Los Angeles

By combining visual arts skills with sustainability and wildlife education, youth create a platform to creatively express themselves, connect to nature in LA and to take ownership of and pride in their community. We believe this introduction to wildlife and conservation issues is the first step in leading young people to engagement in and possibly beyond Los Angeles.

The students work with professional artist mentors to learn artistic skills (color theory, composition and still life drawing). They also receive education from a wildlife expert to teach them about the amazing biodiversity that exists right under their noses in Los Angeles. The students combine these lessons by creating their own wildlife-inspired artwork on a sustainable substrate – recycled aluminum or a canvas made of fused plastic bags. The templates we use are of threatened native species. Our recent mural at Eucalyptus Elementary diverted 4,000 plastic bags from landfill (image below)!

This mural installed at Eucalyptus Elementary as part of our Wild Art program is made from recycled plastic and diverted 4,000 plastic bags from landfill and ocean.
Check out video and pictures of our recent Wild Art programs below, and See even more videos of Wild Art in action here!




Wild Art Unveiling at the Los Angeles Zoo
Wild Art Mural Unveiling at the Eucalyptus Elementary (Hawthorne, CA)
Wild Art Classes at Eucalyptus Elementary (Hawthorne, CA)