RuckusRoots hard at work on latest TRASHformation!

RuckusRoots is excited to be working with a sustainably minded bike company to construct our newest Trashformation! The bike company will be unveiling its new line of bikes along with launching its brand for the very first time at Interbike, the country’s largest bike show, in Las Vegas on September 19th to the 21st.

As of now, we cannot reveal the names of the bike or company, but we will as soon as they launch! RuckusRoots was asked to do this TRASHformation because of the sustainable nature of the bikes. This week we are busy creating displays and booth décor out of recycled materials. Using reclaimed plywood, we’ve created a 3-D tree sculpture, which will soon be adorned with leaves cut from recycled aluminum cans.

We were lucky enough to collect all the cans from our friends and neighbors, who were happy to do their part in drinking some extra summertime beers in order to make the project happen. In total, we made roughly 400 aluminum leaves, cutting 2 leaves out of each aluminum can.

The rest of the booth space will also contain recycled materials, including found refrigerator doors, donated acrylic, reclaimed hardwood, found PVC pipes and scrap metal. We’re also hoping to finish off the project by lighting the entire installation with energy efficient LED lights.

While we can’t wait to show you the real deal, below is a sneak peak of what this latest TRASHformation looks like. Stay tuned for the final product and announcement from this exciting new bike company!

Smashing the cans
Who knew beer cans could be so pretty?
Reclaimed plywood and aluminum cans equal TRASHformation!


Photos courtesy of Christine Spehar and RuckusRoots

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