RuckusRoots TRASHformation at Nightingale Middle School

RuckusRoots has an exciting day coming up tomorrow! We’re off to have lunch with the kids at the D3 Lab at Nightingale School in Cypress Park. We are excited to be meeting with the D3 Lab about a possible collaboration on a new TRASHformation project.

“The D3 Lab is a space for students to explore their interests, as well as design projects that transform their campus and community,” says Jennifer Cunningham, D3 Lab Coordinator.

RuckusRoots will be talking to the kids to see what they are most interested in building and how we can source recycled materials from the school, their homes, and the surrounding community.

To learn more about Nightingale and what the D3 Lab has been up to, you can check out their blog by clicking here.

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