Sessilanoid by James Peterson Accepted into Art Basel: Help Him Get it There!


James Peterson is an LA based artist whose latest interactive art piece, Sessilanoid, was accepted into Art Basel, one of the world’s premier art shows. James also happens to be a RuckusRoots collaborator; he’s worked with us on many projects, big and small. This opportunity is one of the biggest in his artistic career and we’re so thrilled for him to embrace it.


James needs our help getting Sessilanoid to Art Basel in Switzerland, so please consider donating to his Indigogo campaign! You will be rewarded with cool, custom t-shirts, posters and 3D models of the piece…how rad is that? Read on for a look into a recent conversation I had with James about how and why he makes such awesome art.


“I want people to have a respite of intrigue and joy, to tap into their inner child, that sweet naïve place where it’s okay to be in awe and just enjoy something,” James says. That’s a pretty noble goal in this hyper-stressed world in which we live, you must admit. And I especially admire another aspect of James’ artistic mission: to convey an environmental message by letting the beauty and ingenuity of the piece provide a natural bridge into discussion and education. “I like to create situations where strangers meet and things are naturally intuitive. The core of everything is enjoyment and conversation between the people interacting with it. It gives me the opportunity to share what inspires me without forcing it down their throat. I think if you make something beautiful and compelling, people naturally want to ask questions about why you did it,” he says.

Watch Sessilanoid in action below, and hear James talk about the environmental issue he hopes to bring to light with this piece. And please consider helping James raise funds to transport his piece to Art Basal on his Indigogo page.

Sessilanoid: A Sum of all Parts – Interactive Sculpture from James Peterson on Vimeo.

Thanks to Todd Sali for the images.


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