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Designer Highlights: Victor Wilde of Bohemian Society


I bring you the first in a series highlighting the remarkable designers we have on board for our upcoming TRASHion Show: Victor Wilde of Bohemian Society

The first in line is LA’s very own Victor Wilde. Wilde is the founder of Bohemian Society, a line of men and women’s high art garments and accessories that was started in 2003 and is based in downtown Los Angeles. Wilde’s clothing consists of mostly eco-friendly materials that are found, reused, recycled, or admittedly, straight from the garbage. Bohemian Society has been featured in LA’s Fashion Week, Blender Magazine, The Tyra Show and many more noted publications. Stars like Steven Tyler, Tommy Lee, Melissa Ethridge, Avril Lavigne and members of System of a Down have also been spotted wearing his clothes.


Wilde takes a lot of his inspiration from Brooklyn, where he was raised. He headed West in 2001 after “a crush​ing defea​t at the hands​ of Micha​el Bloom​berg in the 2001 New York City mayor​al race” in search of something better, and landed in LA. Wilde is also a co-founding member of Brooklyn’s performance art group “The Mercury Men.” Wilde​ admits he “explo​res vario​us mediu​ms of creat​ion and destr​uctio​n,​ which​ inclu​de but are not limit​ed to filmmaking,​ polit​ics,​ writi​ng,​paint​ing, sculp​ture and many aspects of concept and design.”

We’re more than thrilled to have such an esteemed and influential designer on board  and can’t wait to see what Wilde has in store for The TRASHion Show. See y’all there on June 16th!

Details and ticketing info for the TRASHion Show will be posted soon.