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TRASHformation Nighthawk Flies To New Home at Nightingale MS

nighthawk unveiling

We’re so pleased to announce that the unveiling of our long-awaited TRASHformation sculpture at Nightingale Middle School went off without a hitch last Friday. Our participants helped dismantle the sculpture and carry it across campus to its new home in the lunch area. This location makes a perfect nesting ground for our bird since it is made mainly of lunch-related materials (like food trays and chip bags), it serves as an eye-catching reminder for the student body to recycle those items after they eat. Also, the area is covered–our bird prefers to stay dry in a rainstorm! TRASHformation participants were awarded RuckusRoots t-shirts, and presented to the rest of the student body and administration about how and why we built the sculpture once it was safely in place. We have more pictures and video coming soon! We are so proud of our Nightingale TRASHformers for all the hard work they put in on creating this piece, and for the lessons they learned along the way. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who participated and who helped make this project possible.

Endings and Beginnings

Photo Apr 05, 4 14 34 PM

We love springtime here at RuckusRoots, and this year is no different. Our taxes are filed, we’ve moved into new offices, and we’re about to finish two wonderful programs that have kept us inspired and challenged for several months. The Legacy LA TRASHformation is well underway (see the beginnings of our sculpture, above), and the Nightingale D3 Lab TRASHformation will be completed next week. On Wednesday April 24th, we will transport our finished bird sculpture outside to its permanent home in the lunch area of campus. Several TRASHformers will give a presentation about how and why they built the sculpture…we can’t wait to share the details with you next week. Until then, stay tuned!

Photo Apr 04, 12 47 48 PM

The Nighthawk ‘Skeleton’ Unveiled

It’s been an exciting week for our TRASHformation program at Nightingale Middle School. Along with collaborating artist Robin Banks, the RuckusRoots team erected the body, or “skeleton” of our Nighthawk sculpture. We visited the lab on Wednesday to assess the trash with Robin and Jennifer Cunnigham, the D3 Lab coordinator, and made a rough sketch of how we would construct the bird and just how big it would be. Since the kids worked so hard and collected so much valuable and usable materials, everyone agreed the bigger the better!

Photo Jan 30, 12 09 59 PM

We used recycled steel bike rims to form the torso and found scrap metal to make the outline of the wings, legs and feet. We welded it all together while adding structural stability, ensuring the sculpture is safe to display on campus.

Photo Jan 31, 3 12 20 PM

We then delivered the frame to the D3 Lab in three pieces, setting it up so that we can begin adding to it with Nightingale students over the next few weeks.

Photo Jan 31, 3 57 10 PM

Thanks to the Academia Avance High School senior interns who worked with Robin to weld together our Nighthawk and also transport it to the lab. We always appreciate a helping hand.

Photo Jan 31, 12 55 41 PM

The kids were quite excited to see part of the structure come together today! We looking forward to next week when more hands will be needed and the kids’ creative ideas will finally come to life. Stay tuned!

TRASHforming to start next week!

TRASHformation is back in full swing in the D3 Lab at Nightingale Middle School! RuckusRoots returned to the lab this afternoon after the school’s winter break to vote on which draft of the nighthawk we would start constructing in the next few weeks. There were 3 drafts to choose from, each of which was drawn by one of the TRASHformers before the break.

The drawing of the nighthawk below received the most votes, but the kids agreed to incorporate components from the other drawings so to ensure the nighthawk represented their school in full.

The winning Nighthawk draft for the D3 Lab TRASHformation
The winning Nighthawk draft for the D3 Lab TRASHformation

The kids then started discussing which pieces of the collected trash could be used to make the parts of the Nighthawk sculpture. They came up with ideas such as using the tire rims for the wing and then weaving pieces of plastic bags through them as feathers. Another student suggested cutting the aluminum cans to make them look like feathers, too.

Next week the TRASHformers will finally begin the construction on the much anticipated TRASHformed nighhawk sculpture. We will be joined by artist and friend Robin Banks, who will help with the build and show the kids how exactly the sculpture can be put together . Once again, stay tuned for progress on our TRASHformation at Nightingale Middle School, and for the unveiling of the final sculpture!