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TRASHformation Nighthawk Flies To New Home at Nightingale MS

nighthawk unveiling

We’re so pleased to announce that the unveiling of our long-awaited TRASHformation sculpture at Nightingale Middle School went off without a hitch last Friday. Our participants helped dismantle the sculpture and carry it across campus to its new home in the lunch area. This location makes a perfect nesting ground for our bird since it is made mainly of lunch-related materials (like food trays and chip bags), it serves as an eye-catching reminder for the student body to recycle those items after they eat. Also, the area is covered–our bird prefers to stay dry in a rainstorm! TRASHformation participants were awarded RuckusRoots t-shirts, and presented to the rest of the student body and administration about how and why we built the sculpture once it was safely in place. We have more pictures and video coming soon! We are so proud of our Nightingale TRASHformers for all the hard work they put in on creating this piece, and for the lessons they learned along the way. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who participated and who helped make this project possible.

Endings and Beginnings

Photo Apr 05, 4 14 34 PM

We love springtime here at RuckusRoots, and this year is no different. Our taxes are filed, we’ve moved into new offices, and we’re about to finish two wonderful programs that have kept us inspired and challenged for several months. The Legacy LA TRASHformation is well underway (see the beginnings of our sculpture, above), and the Nightingale D3 Lab TRASHformation will be completed next week. On Wednesday April 24th, we will transport our finished bird sculpture outside to its permanent home in the lunch area of campus. Several TRASHformers will give a presentation about how and why they built the sculpture…we can’t wait to share the details with you next week. Until then, stay tuned!

Photo Apr 04, 12 47 48 PM

The Nighthawk ‘Skeleton’ Unveiled

It’s been an exciting week for our TRASHformation program at Nightingale Middle School. Along with collaborating artist Robin Banks, the RuckusRoots team erected the body, or “skeleton” of our Nighthawk sculpture. We visited the lab on Wednesday to assess the trash with Robin and Jennifer Cunnigham, the D3 Lab coordinator, and made a rough sketch of how we would construct the bird and just how big it would be. Since the kids worked so hard and collected so much valuable and usable materials, everyone agreed the bigger the better!

Photo Jan 30, 12 09 59 PM

We used recycled steel bike rims to form the torso and found scrap metal to make the outline of the wings, legs and feet. We welded it all together while adding structural stability, ensuring the sculpture is safe to display on campus.

Photo Jan 31, 3 12 20 PM

We then delivered the frame to the D3 Lab in three pieces, setting it up so that we can begin adding to it with Nightingale students over the next few weeks.

Photo Jan 31, 3 57 10 PM

Thanks to the Academia Avance High School senior interns who worked with Robin to weld together our Nighthawk and also transport it to the lab. We always appreciate a helping hand.

Photo Jan 31, 12 55 41 PM

The kids were quite excited to see part of the structure come together today! We looking forward to next week when more hands will be needed and the kids’ creative ideas will finally come to life. Stay tuned!

TRASHforming to start next week!

TRASHformation is back in full swing in the D3 Lab at Nightingale Middle School! RuckusRoots returned to the lab this afternoon after the school’s winter break to vote on which draft of the nighthawk we would start constructing in the next few weeks. There were 3 drafts to choose from, each of which was drawn by one of the TRASHformers before the break.

The drawing of the nighthawk below received the most votes, but the kids agreed to incorporate components from the other drawings so to ensure the nighthawk represented their school in full.

The winning Nighthawk draft for the D3 Lab TRASHformation
The winning Nighthawk draft for the D3 Lab TRASHformation

The kids then started discussing which pieces of the collected trash could be used to make the parts of the Nighthawk sculpture. They came up with ideas such as using the tire rims for the wing and then weaving pieces of plastic bags through them as feathers. Another student suggested cutting the aluminum cans to make them look like feathers, too.

Next week the TRASHformers will finally begin the construction on the much anticipated TRASHformed nighhawk sculpture. We will be joined by artist and friend Robin Banks, who will help with the build and show the kids how exactly the sculpture can be put together . Once again, stay tuned for progress on our TRASHformation at Nightingale Middle School, and for the unveiling of the final sculpture!



Trashformation drafts from Nightingale Middle School students

A Drawing Day at Nightingale Middle School

Today was our final day at Nightingale Middle School before the holiday break. This week the students continued working on their drafts of the Nighthawk sculpture we will build when we return to school in the new year. Several groups of students completed great drawings; we’ll vote for the best one in January, and then begin building our piece based on the winning selection. We can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for this TRASHformation project! Check out a full gallery of the project to date below, and read past blogs to get caught up on what we’ve been up to.

TRASHformation at D3 Lab @ Nightingale: Drafting the art piece

Students begin drafting the art piece, a Nighthawk, the school mascot

The research phase of our program continued today at the D3Lab as the students went through the data collected from the interviews conducted last week.  The TRASHformers received a lot great input, from students and staff alike. Going through the interview answers, the kids agreed that most of the students were excited about the idea of a Nighthawk, the school’s mascot, a shade structure, or flower pots to use in the Nest, the school’s garden.

But it was the idea of a Nighthawk as the art piece that had the most votes and that the best spot to put it was near the lunch area on campus. They also found from the interviews that other kids liked the idea of the Nighthawk doing a victory pose and that it should be holding school supplies or books. The students spent today’s TRASHformation splitting up into groups to begin the drafting process. The three different groups each started to draft a version of what the Nighthawk might look like.  Luckily we had some very enthusiastic and skilled artists who quickly volunteered to be the drawer for each group. One group found it was easier to draw their Nighthawk by deciding what sorts of trash would be used to erect the figure: cardboard tubes for the feet and legs,the paper trash for its wings, and someone suggested old skateboards for the body.

Next week, the students will finish the three different drafts to show to the Principal for approval. It’s then off to the Holiday break for 3 weeks, after which we will come back in the New Year to begin the build process.

A student uses the eagle on a dollar to help draft his Nighthawk

Here’s a write-up from D3 Labs about the program so far!


The Research Phase: Interviewing Students

Nightingale TRASHformers interviewing fellow students about the art piece

After Thanksgiving break, we went back to D3 Lab at Nightingale Middle School, excited to begin a new phase of our TRASHformation program. As you may recall, we completed the waste audit and collected a lot of great materials for building a couple weeks back. The next step was for participating TRASHformers to interview fellow students around campus to gauge interest and collect opinions about the art piece. Since the piece will placed in a prominent spot on campus and will hopefully be something the entire student body can use and enjoy, it was important to do some R & D. Three different pairs of students ventured out to collect data from their classmates, asking questions like, “What should we build? Where should it be located? What color should it be?” Besides collecting information, the interviews also proved to be a great face-t0-face marketing tool for our program. Several students who were unaware of TRASHformation expressed interest in helping us build the piece, and we’re excited to welcome them on board as we progress. This week, we’ll be reviewing the results of the interviews and creating drafts of our art piece. Stay tuned!

Nightingale TRASHformers interviewing fellow students about the art piece
Nightingale TRASHformers interviewing fellow students about the art piece
Nightingale TRASHformers interviewing fellow students about the art piece

Waste Audit Day: D3 Labs, Nightingale Middle School

When “playing with trash” becomes a forum for creativity and collaboration!

Today we took a big step forward in our TRASHformation program at D3 Labs at Nightingale Middle School in Cypress Park. We conducted a waste audit, assessing, recording and organizing all the different types of trash and recycling items the students had collected over the last couple of weeks. First, we piled everything in the middle of the floor, and then one student wrote down all the different categories we could see represented in our trash pile. Then we organized the items by category. The students weren’t shy about organizing the trash (you might even say they caused a bit of a ruckus!); there was definitely a sense of excitement as we began to think about all the cool art we could make using these items. Some of the most common trash items we collected included chip bags, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and tubes, as well as paper and rubber. We’re looking forward to next week, when, after a show and tell of trash art from around the world, we will begin brainstorming ideas for our own art piece. Stay tuned!

Progress Report: TRASHformation at Nightingale Middle School

Things are really starting to come along with our TRASHformation program at Nightingale Middle School’s D3 Lab in Cypress Park. In keeping with the D3 model, the kids are coming up with all of the ideas for how we will acquire trash, organize it and eventually build an art piece. Last week, we brought in a few of our more transportable Trashformation examples, including the tree with aluminum can leaves we build for AASHE and The ReCycle, and a dress by Paper Botanicals that was featured in our TRASHion show last summer. Next, we came up with a system for collecting trash around campus. The kids picked high-traffic areas around the school, decorated bins and assigned students to pick up the trash and bring it back to the D3 lab every day. Some students even begun washing the trash in preparation for the build. In the coming weeks, we will have a waste audit to determine what types of trash and recycling items we’ve collected, organize and sort our materials, and have a Trash Art show and tell day, to get some ideas for what we can build. After the Thanksgiving holiday break, we’ll start building our very own TRASHformation at Nightingale. So excited!