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Update: We’re Over Halfway There!


After receiving some wonderful contributions over the past 10 days, including $5,000 from the Brotman Foundation of California, we have raised nearly $12,000, over 1/2 of our goal! Our momentum is great right now, and with your help, I know we can reach our $20,000 goal! Thank you to those who have contributed so far, we are so grateful for your support.

funds update

Please click here to contribute to our campaign and make a difference for youth, arts and nature in Los Angeles!  Also, feel free to share our campaign if you know of others who care about these issues. 


Help Young Artists Thrive in Their Community!

Our Crowdfunder Has Launched…

Watch the video and read on to find out how you can help these young artists make a mark on their community!

If you have been following our work, you know that the main goal of our program, Wild Art is to build community and sustainability through art. This program gives LA youth a chance to make a permanent mark on their own community, to take ownership of and pride in where they live through their own creative powers. We believe this will instill in them the desire to be stewards that community, of the environment and of the arts for many years to come.

Now is your chance to be a part of something great! There are several ways to participate:


    We are seeking funds to turn the artwork of 200 LA teens into a permanent public sculpture in Los Angeles. (Need a refresher? Read the back story on our project, Wild Art.) If you have been following our work, you know we have made several awesome sustainable art pieces with youth across LA, but this will be the first one that is a public work of art, and the first one that will feature individual art pieces by LA youth. This is our chance to show these teens that their creativity can positively impact their community, their city and the natural world they live in. Donate now!


    We are hoping to take this crowdfunder far and wide: the more people who know about it, the larger our network becomes and the more change we can create. Sharing via social media, email and in one-on-one conversations are all appreciated! Share this link.


    We are offering several exciting rewards for those who donate to our crowdfunding campaign, but could always use more. Here’s what we’ve got so far. If you have a gift or service you feel you can donate to our campaign, please contact us. Anything that will help make our campaign more enticing to other donors is appreciated!

Two Birds, One Stone: Holiday Shopping That Supports RuckusRoots!


At RuckusRoots, we love making things; there’s no better time of year to get cozy around a craft table! We’ve been making beautiful jewelry repurposed from donated goods, and we’ll be selling it this Saturday at the Silverlake Craft Fair. These mini fundraisers are what help sustain us throughout the year. Please come see us at theSilverlake Craft Fair from 10am-4pm at 1511 Micheltorena St. LA, CA 90026 December 13th.  We’re sure you’ll find some great gifts!



What do lipstick and orangutans have in common?



In 2004, led by Wehea Chief Ledije Taq, the Wehea Dayak community of Borneo banded together and declared 38,000 hectares of their rainforest a “locally protected forest,” the Wehea Forest. A team of local people, named the Forest Guardians, are responsible for patrolling and protecting this forest, which is home to orangutans, sun bears, and clouded leopards.  The community’s efforts have been awarded Indonesia’s highest environmental honor & Chief Taq was personally awarded a conservation medal in 2009 from the Indonesian President.

Despite their success, the Wehea Forest faces an uncertain future. An advancing coalmine and palm oil plantations threaten the integrity of the forest. These industries pay workers far more than the Wehea Forest can, and in recent months these companies have begun drawing away some of the most highly skilled Forest Guardians. They would rather work in the forest, but most live at or below the poverty level and must choose higher salaries to better support their families. 

We aim to raise enough money to increase ranger salaries (currently at $5/day) to a level competitive with local coal and palm oil companies. This will allow the Wehea Protected Forest to stop losing trained rangers while we look for a more long-term funding solution.

In December of 2011, RuckusRoots answered the important question, what do lipstick and orangutans have in common? We collaborated with Ethical Expeditions to raise almost $5K to protect the rainforest in Borneo and created an attendee-inspired art piece out of /recycled lipstick (thanks to artist Dave Wescott). Most cosmetics contain palm oil, a major contributor to deforestation in Southeast Asia.