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The ReCycle Tree Goes to SF: Green Fest After Party

We were pumped to be asked by the lovely folks at the Sustainable Living Roadshow to bring our ReCycle Tree up to SF for the Green Fest after party last weekend. SLR threw the event in their new venue, located in the Mission district. We met all kinds of new friends, and had a blast showing people how to create new leaves for our tree (we cut them out of donated, recycled aluminum cans and then score words or a drawing onto the back, so it shows up on the front) We also made sure to give ourselves a little extra time to get down to the two headlining acts of the event: the Fungineers and Afrolicious. I have to say, I haven’t been back to SF in a couple years, and this trip reminded me that it is truly a special city. SF is filled with forward-thinking sustainable activists and artists: you can’t beat it for enlightened conversation and a good ol’ fashioned good time. Thanks to SLR and everyone else we met for making our trip so rewarding and fun! (And thanks once again to Elemental LED for donating the RGB LED wall washers that help bring the tree to life…it looks pretty snazzy, don’t you think?)

Earth Day and Coachella; how ‘green’ is this festival?

It’s that time of year again; Earth Week and festival season are officially here. Since the ladies of RuckusRoots will be spending Earth Day at Coachella, the West Coast’s favorite music and arts festival, we thought it might be prudent to investigate just what’s being done to offset the environmental impact of this 70,000 person event. We were delighted to discover that Coachella is committed to limiting their carbon footprint and maintaining a sustainable and ‘green’ festival year after year.

Coachella has been teaming up with LA based non-profit Global Inheritance since 2004 and has since introduced programs like TRASHed: The Art of Recycling and Carpoolchella. The TRASHed campaign offers artists the chance to turn ordinary trash bins into masterpieces, then displaying the newly transformed bins on the Coachella grounds encouraging attendees to recycle. The Carpoolchella was another initiative from Global Inheritance, offering festival goers who carpool with four or more people some sweet swag and prizes by simply displaying a ‘Carpoolchella’ sign on their dash.

Since 2007, Coachella and Global Inheritance have featured the Energy FACTory, a interactive setup within the event that highlights renewable energy sources and informs people on energy alternatives. The Energy FACTory aims to inform and teach people with a hands-on approach about wind, solar, kinetic, biodiesel, Ethanol, thermal, and other sources of energy.

The FACTory included the Tour de Energy, where 24 stationary bikes were pedaled by festival goers to power their cell phones, and even make a smoothie! The Energy See Saw was ridden by attendees offering them a chance to power cell phones, iPods, and cameras and at the same time, ignite favorite childhood memories of the playground! One of the cooler components of the Energy FACTory included the 7 foot Human Hamster Wheel which was designed to power DJ equipment and sound systems. The energy from the Human Hamster Wheel is converted into electricity so no plug-ins are needed.

Coachella also holds an annual recycling program called the 10 for 1 program. It’s a great incentive to recycle water bottles because for every 10 bottles you bring to the booth, they give you a free one. This year there is even more incentive to keep Coachella clean, because festival goers can also earn points for their recycling efforts by simply plucking bottles and cans found on the festival grounds and campgrounds and bringing them to one of the recycling centers where the points you earn can win you cold bottles of water, sunscreen, shirts, posters, VIP wristbands, tickets for 2013, and much much more!

But this year, Global Inheritance has come up with it’s most exciting project yet. Recyclosaurus Rex is a 20-foot-tall robotic dinosaur that will wander the Coachella grounds in search of delicious bottle-and-can ‘treats,’ which participants can feed to its gaping mouth. Further info about the functioning and specs is yet to be released, though the Global Inheritance blog claims it will feature a “digestive system that will allow him to take giant square T-Rex droppings.” Recyclosaurus Rex did not debut at the first weekend of Coachella, but will be roaming the grounds during the 2nd weekend. We’ll be there too, and are excited to see it in action–we’ll be sure to post pictures of our dino-adventures!

Global Inheritance is offering “the person who comes up with the best idea on how to use the dino-droppings onsite a special Coachella prize pack. Each dropping will be similar in size to a bale of hay.”

All in all, you can bet the festival will collect more recyclables than ever before. Who’s going to say no to a dinosaur?