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Trap Attack Success!

We had an amazing time at the Ruckus Roots/Paso Pacifico Trap Attack event at Platform Gallery. It made for a fun and successful evening. Thanks to everyone who came out, participated, contributed and joined in for the Trap Attack adventure! We couldn’t have been more happy with the turnout and how the evening unfolded. The motion-sensing attack camera (loaned to us by scientist Miguel Ordenana) made its way around the event to “trap” unsuspecting victims, and throughout the evening we were able to capture many moments of surprise, laughter, joy and fun. These photos were then transformed and projected onto the walls of the gallery. You can find the results in our Trap Attack Candid Photo Series. 😉

Thanks to great talks by Paso Pacifico founder Sarah Otterstrom, and scientist Miguel Ordenana, we learned about how these camera traps (shown above), which we used to capture images of hip LA jungelites at the event, are set up in the jungles of Nicaragua to research and track endangered wildlife in the region, like jaguars and ocelots. Paso Pacifico’s mission is to restore and conserve the natural ecosystems of Central America’s Pacific slope, and it relies on camera traps to do so.

In recent months, Paso Pacifico’s camera trap photos, including the one below, have been used to prove that endangered jaguars still live in areas of Nicaragua where they were once thought to be extinct. The presence of large predators (jaguars, ocelots, etc) in an ecosystem is an indicator of that ecosystem’s health, as big cats need large amounts of space and resources to survive. Protecting them means we are ensuring the survival of many other species and habitats in Central America. Our goal for the Trap Attack event was to raise enough funds to purchase three camera traps for Paso Pacifico, which scientists will use to continue their research and protective actions for these endangered species of Central America. We are excited and happy to announce that our goal was met! Because of all the generous contributions made, we were able to raise almost $4500 in support of Jaguar Conservation in Nicaragua. Step by step, we can all come together to make a difference and create change in our world!

We want to especially thank Platform Gallery, Wolfgang Puck, Ryan Nelli, VJ Tiffy, Jessie Anderson and all of you who came out and made this event

so successful!