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Lucent L’amour a Success!

Thanks to everyone, especially the folks at the Do Lab and the Ant Farm, for helping make our involvement in Lucent L’amour, LA’s biggest Valentine’s Day event, a screaming success!

The event itself was a blast–the musical lineup along with the work brought by visual artists was truly awe inspiring.

As for our contributions, the 4 pieces we brought, which included a rideable “Spin the Bottle” (think mechanized bullriding with benefits!), a giant, interactive magnetic poetry wall called “Love Letters,” a pixelated projection installation made to look like ancient ruins, and a comfy, cozy pillow lounge, were all very popular throughout the night. Even better, all 4 were made from recycled materials and hopefully helped to emphasize to showgoers that trash can indeed be turned into treasure.

Take a look at “Love Letters,” below!