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Off the Grid for a Greater Good


Not many people can say that they’ve even traveled across the country, let alone cycled across its entirety. And that’s not even the impressive part. Rob Greenfield set out with a mission to ride across the US living entirely off the grid. Meaning he would eat locally produced, organic, and unpackaged foods, use water solely from natural sources like rivers, wells, and rain, use electricity generated purely by portable alternative energy devices, create near zero trash​, compost all food waste, and shop at businesses that are committed to creating a healthy planet.

And on August 2nd, after 104 days, 4,700 miles and 18 states, he did just that.

His trip began in San Francisco in April  and ended in Waitsfield, Vermont. That’s the location of 1% for the Planet, Greenfield is promoting the alliance of businesses that donate 1 percent of their revenues to environmental organizations.

Greenfield, from San Diego, decided to make the journey because he was  determined to demonstrate that it’s possible to live more sustainably, also to encourage people to decrease their impact on the environment. And to get peoples attention (even biking naked at times!) and not only thinking of living more consciously, he wanted to show it was actually possible. 

During the trip, Greenfield would often dumpster dive for food that was still good or fill his water bottle with leaky faucets or half empty water bottles he found. When it came time for cleaning up, he bathed in rivers, oceans and lakes. While he claims that biking wasn’t about his message at all, even the bamboo bike he rode was used to promote the elimination of deforestation.


For more on his adventure and pictures from  his trip check out the GreenfieldAdventures website.

 Photo by Brent Martin

Mend your ‘un-green routine!’

Wait! Don't throw it away just yet...new uses for old things!

While we at RuckusRoots believe in the old adage “Earth Day is every day!” We know that isn’t always the case. But fear not, there are plenty of every day things you can do to mend your ‘un-green routine.’ And with 2012’s Earth week fast approaching, what better time to promote awareness and appreciation for our Earth’s environment, sustainable living and awareness of overall green living. Below is a list of everyday household items that can be turned into something useful, instead of being sent to the overstocked landfills.

1.) Old paper towel rolls or TP rolls, great for sorting cables and wires or any other tangly cords.

2.) Corks from wine bottles, perfect to use as a cork board for pictures, name plates at weddings or dinner parties, or use the cork and bottle as a recycled wine bottle torch.

3.) Turning plastic bottles or aluminum cans into small herb gardens or window planters.

4.)Another use for those old TP rolls, store your bobby pins, hair clips and elastic bands on them. Much better than scouring the floor or an old purse for that ever elusive bobby pin

5.) Turn an old matchbox or Altoids canister into an instant sewing kit or jewelry container.

6.) Turn your 6 pack carrier into the perfect condiment carrier. Just add ketchup, S&P, some silverware and napkins and you’re ready for the next backyard BBQ.

7.) Use an empty kleenex box to store plastic bags. Easy to access when you’re ready to reuse the plastic bag, of course!

8.) Turn a wine box into your newest shoe storage. As an extra bonus, reuse old newspaper to cover the box to make it more presentable. Comics and crosswords preferred.


Thanks to Real Simple for the images