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RuckusRoots Interns to Show TRASHformed Art at Taste of Highland Art

A Taste of What to Expect at Highland Park’s ‘Taste of Highland Art’


The senior class at Academia Avance in Highland Park have taken it upon themselves to produce a festival, appropriately called ‘Taste of Highland Art,’ where art, music and food come together in the hopes of giving folks a “taste” of what the Highland Park community is all about.

The festival is set to include local artists, businesses, food trucks and even local bands, along with some of the students’ own artwork and creations. Five teens who have been participating in our Strong Roots internship program guided by Robin Banks spent the last semester learning essential art and building skills, including welding and CNC machine operation. Recently, the interns assisted Robin in creating an art fabrication commissioned by Twitter to be used at this year’s Grammy’s!

Photo Feb 27, 11 22 52 AM

After completing several projects, these creative teens looked around and realized that many of the leftover scraps could be turned into beautiful art work. Attendees of “Taste of Highland Park” will be able to view and purchase these mini “TRASHformations” made by our Strong Roots interns. Above and below are samples of what the students are showing.

Photo Feb 27, 11 23 36 AM

The festival will take place on March 5th and March 12th, from 3 to 9 pm in the heart of Highland Park at Ave. 57 and Marmion Way, near The Gold Line station. For more information about the festival, visit The Taste of Highland Art Facebook page. Come out and support your local community and the young artists that call it home. We’ll see you there!

Occupy Our Food Supply: RuckusRoots & Ant Farm Community Garden


AntFarmers hard at work in the garden during Occupy Our Food Supply

A huge movement in cities right now is urban gardening. At AntFarm Acres, a subsidiary of AntFarm, we have gone forward in starting a community garden. Our goal is to take the as of now raw backyard, and turn it into a sustainable garden, growing and giving food from our own garden. Making the transition to locally grown food and farming can help stimulate our local economy, improve public health, and even protect the environment. Urban farming is becoming far more relevant now as urban consumers realize the importance of sustainability and it also increases the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, or meat and eggs, made available to city dwellers, who want to look outside their supermarkets for fresher options.

We took advantage of last weeks Occupy Our Food Supply to spend the day working in the garden. Over 60 food justice and Occupy groups around the world are participating in a Global Day of Action to ‘Occupy Our Food Supply’ on February 27th, 2012. Inspired by the theme Create/Resist, we are bridging movements of sustainable agriculture and food justice networks working on local solutions and simultaneously resisting corporate control of the food system.

 We continued building out the terraces and created a retaining wall using rocks we sifted out of the existing soil. We also added manure, nutrient-rich soil and started a compost pile. The chickens are happy in their new coop, built by Robin and Kristin. Stay tuned for more work days in the garden or if you would like to be a part of our community garden, please email Chrissy at christine@ruckusroots.org for more information.

Lucent L’amour a Success!

Thanks to everyone, especially the folks at the Do Lab and the Ant Farm, for helping make our involvement in Lucent L’amour, LA’s biggest Valentine’s Day event, a screaming success!

The event itself was a blast–the musical lineup along with the work brought by visual artists was truly awe inspiring.

As for our contributions, the 4 pieces we brought, which included a rideable “Spin the Bottle” (think mechanized bullriding with benefits!), a giant, interactive magnetic poetry wall called “Love Letters,” a pixelated projection installation made to look like ancient ruins, and a comfy, cozy pillow lounge, were all very popular throughout the night. Even better, all 4 were made from recycled materials and hopefully helped to emphasize to showgoers that trash can indeed be turned into treasure.

Take a look at “Love Letters,” below!