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RuckusRoots attends LIB: Greenest fest around

Waste collection center at Lighting in a Bottle
Waste collection center at Lighting in a Bottle

This weekend Lightning in a Bottle, a festival celebrating art, sustainability, music and life kicks off this weekend at its new location in Temecula, CA. The festival is produced by The Do Lab, an LA based event production company that heavily emphasizes sustainable approaches in its work. Lightning in a Bottle, or LIB, has won the ‘Greenest Festival in America’ award, presented by the non profit A Greener Festival, the last 3 years in a row, a feat no other US festival can claim.

Some of the RuckusRoots team will be there to participate in the festivities, helping friends sling coffee as a vendor, and take in the awesomeness of one of the greenest festivals in the country. With an expected attendance of over 15,000 people, campers and one day attendees alike, frontrunning the green festival movement is no easy task.

One of the biggest reasons LIB remains the leader in green festivals is The Do Lab’s strict policy requiring all vendors  to use 100% compostable items. That means all cups, straws, forks, plates, you name it… are entirely compostable! After attending the festival, and especially after working as a vendor, I’m often dismayed by the fact that many cafes and restaurants in LA haven’t switched to such a method. And with free filtered water offered, there’s no need for festival goers to bring anything other than reusable water bottles, eliminating plastic bottles you normally see littered all over festivals like Coachella or Bonnaroo.

Transportation to and from the festival is another big reason it stays so green. Carpooling is practically a must for attendees of the festival as arriving in a single occupancy vehicle will set you back $30. The Do Lab aids attendees in eliminating this issue by offering Lightning Bus options as well as a widget on their website to help match you with festival goers who have similar travel plans.

Like most of The Do Lab’s productions, Lightning in a Bottle features stages and art made from rapidly renewable and reused materials, such as bamboo, rattan, and trash. This gives the festival’s aesthetic a unique look, which some even call a ‘favela chic’ vibe. The festival makes an effort to reduce energy use through energy management initiatives like LED stage lighting, compact fluorescent bulbs to illuminate walkways and campgrounds and  solar lights where ever possible. In addition to LIB’s commitment to making the festival as sustainable as possible, since 2007 they have published the Green Report, a guide for industry professionals and academics to learn about their successes and failures, and communicate a collaborative effort in the green festival movement.

Thank you to Lighting in a Bottle for the image

Lucent L’amour a Success!

Thanks to everyone, especially the folks at the Do Lab and the Ant Farm, for helping make our involvement in Lucent L’amour, LA’s biggest Valentine’s Day event, a screaming success!

The event itself was a blast–the musical lineup along with the work brought by visual artists was truly awe inspiring.

As for our contributions, the 4 pieces we brought, which included a rideable “Spin the Bottle” (think mechanized bullriding with benefits!), a giant, interactive magnetic poetry wall called “Love Letters,” a pixelated projection installation made to look like ancient ruins, and a comfy, cozy pillow lounge, were all very popular throughout the night. Even better, all 4 were made from recycled materials and hopefully helped to emphasize to showgoers that trash can indeed be turned into treasure.

Take a look at “Love Letters,” below!