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‘Something in the Water’ on display at AASHE Conference



Plastic bags were used for the greater good to form an art exhibit called ‘Something in the Water’ at this year’s AASHE conference. Hundreds upon hundreds of plastic bags were crocheted into multiple ‘breasts’ to mimic the interference of toxins that are being passed to newborns through breast milk as a result of plastic in our eco-systems.

The idea for the exhibit came from the mind of environmental activist artist Wendy Osher, who turned it into a communal project. The eco-project connected women from around the globe to make the breast like crocheted pieces made from plastic bags. Osher then connected the crocheted pieces to produce the colorful exhibit. On October 9th-11th, ‘Something in the Water’ was on display for the more than 2,000 participants of the AASHE Conference, for higher sustainability.  One on-looker even described the exhibit as a piece that “draws on in as a kind of Dr. Seussical landscape, then once one’s attention is captured, the dark reality of the eco-underpinnings hit even harder.”

Plastic, the most prevalent component of ocean debris, is a threat because it lasts so long in the water.  The plastic then breaks down into smaller bit that absorb other toxic chemicals in the water. Fish then accidentily feed on the plastic. Thus toxins enter the fish that make their way up our food chain. Scientists are finding that toxins commonly found in breast milk, may have originated from the plastic source.