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Find us at Soundwalk!

Soundwalk, here we come!

All the cool kids are doing it! And if you’re one of the cool kids, you’ll be joining us this Saturday in Long Beach for the 10th Annual Soundwalk Festival, where students from Loyola High School, our first ever Chimes for Change participants, will be showing off their amazing wind chime work.

Chimes for Change is our latest project that explores the vital role that art plays in guiding us towards more sustainable lifestyles, through the creation of wind chimes out of recycled and found objects. Students have been busy all this week and last building their chimes, each focusing on an issue personal to them or their community.

After the students complete their chimes, they are recording the sounds and creating experimental digital music out of them using a mobile application called Yellofier. Not only will the Loyola High School students’ chimes be on display at SoundWalk, but also their music; you’ll be able to download and listen to their songs via a QR code next to each chime.

SoundWalk is one of the largest sound art installations in the country, and unfortunately this will be its last year. So, come check out the inspiring art that RuckusRoots’ students have created, plus all the other amazing artists included.

Find us on the map! Here’s where our wind chimes will be at Soundwalk this Saturday: we’re number 27.

soundwalk map