TRASHforming to start next week!

TRASHformation is back in full swing in the D3 Lab at Nightingale Middle School! RuckusRoots returned to the lab this afternoon after the school’s winter break to vote on which draft of the nighthawk we would start constructing in the next few weeks. There were 3 drafts to choose from, each of which was drawn by one of the TRASHformers before the break.

The drawing of the nighthawk below received the most votes, but the kids agreed to incorporate components from the other drawings so to ensure the nighthawk represented their school in full.

The winning Nighthawk draft for the D3 Lab TRASHformation
The winning Nighthawk draft for the D3 Lab TRASHformation

The kids then started discussing which pieces of the collected trash could be used to make the parts of the Nighthawk sculpture. They came up with ideas such as using the tire rims for the wing and then weaving pieces of plastic bags through them as feathers. Another student suggested cutting the aluminum cans to make them look like feathers, too.

Next week the TRASHformers will finally begin the construction on the much anticipated TRASHformed nighhawk sculpture. We will be joined by artist and friend Robin Banks, who will help with the build and show the kids how exactly the sculpture can be put together . Once again, stay tuned for progress on our TRASHformation at Nightingale Middle School, and for the unveiling of the final sculpture!



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